Herbarium details: Dame Ella Campbell Herbarium (MPN)


Ecology Group
Institute of Natural Resources
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand


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Ecology Building, Institute of Natural Resources, Massey University, Palmerston North



1945 (as herbarium of the Department of Agricultural Botany).


A university established with its own Act of Parliament and funded by the State.


To assist teaching and research in ecology, taxonomy, agronomy, and weed science.

Scope of Collections

The collection is basically of the native and naturalised flora of New Zealand, with only minor overseas holdings. There is an extensive collection of naturalised (exotic species naturally reproducing in New Zealand), cultivated and agricultural species. The geographic representation focuses on the lower half of the North Island, and the Volcanic Plateau.

Number of Collections

Estimated breakdown of the known number of specimens:

Angiosperms and Gymnosperms 13000+
Pteridophytes 1620+
Mosses 365+
Liverworts 109+
Lichens 120+
Algae 861+
E.A.Hodgson Collection 14290
E.O. Campbell Collection 3000+
J.M.McEwan Collection 1000+
Total 34366+


Akilles AREV programme.

Important collections

The largest and most important collection is Mrs E.A Hodgson´s bryophyte herbarium ( chiefly liverworts) which is kept separate and not open to undergraduate students. The oldest collection of vascular plants is that of B.E.G.Molesworth (1929–47)(Auckland and Canterbury). Other notable collections are the Ella Campbell bryophyte collection: the Agronomy Department collection : the McEwan Coprosma collection, and the R.Brooks serpentine species collection. The remainder of the general collection has been built up by past and present staff and students including E.O.Campbell, A.E.Esler, J.Ogden, M.E.Gordon, and M.B.Forde (nee Ashwin).

Ancillary Collections

The herbarium also houses a collection of research books and journals, a number of botanical artworks, and shelves of preserved specimens (though the major collection of pickles is stored in the Plant Ecology prep. Room). Additionally it contains a series of late 19th century folios of relevance to the history of the Manawatu.

Staff and Research

Curator: Dr Jill Rapson

Herbarium keeper: Mrs Lesley van Essen