Herbarium details: HD Gordon Herbarium (WELTU)


School of Biological Sciences,
Victoria University of Wellington,
PO Box 600
Wellington 6015,
New Zealand


+ 64 4 721 000 ext. 8134, 8201 or 5207




Fifth floor, New Kirk Building, Kelburn Parade, Wellington.



About 1947.


A University established with its own Act of Parliament and funded by the state.  The herbarium is housed and curated by the School of Biological Sciences of the University.  It is named after the late Professor H.D. Gordon, head of Botany Department from 1947 to 1977.


The herbarium is used for plant identification, as a teaching aid in botany and ecology courses, and for research.

Scope of Collections

The herbarium consists largely of indigenous specimens but also includes an adventive collection of angiosperms and gymnosperms (c. 500) and overseas collections of angiosperms (c. 1000 Myrtaceae).

Coverage of the indigenous vascular flora is fairly comprehensive, with specimens of most species that occur in the New Zealand botanical region.  The indigenous collection is geographically strongest from the southern half of the North Island and the northern South Island (c. 1800 vascular plant specimens from NW Nelson). Overseas collections have come mainly from New Caledonia.  Types held in the herbarium include two holotypes (Seimatosporium leptospermi Bagnall et Sheridan, and Zygogynum vinkii F.B. Sampson), and a few isotypes.

Number of Collections


Estimated breakdown of the known number of specimens:

Angiosperms and Gymnosperms 12 000
Pteridophytes 2 000
Mosses 200
Liverworts 100
Lichens 100
Algae 600
Timber samples 100
Total ±15 000


There are currently no plans to database the herbarium.

Important collections

The H.D. Gordon Herbarium contains duplicate collections (all of vascular plants) of New Zealand botanists, of which the following are the largest: B.C. Aston (c. 70), H. Carse (c. 150), T.F. Cheeseman (c. 300), W.R.B. Oliver (c. 100), D. Petrie (c. 400).

Major overseas collection:  Pacific capsular Myrtaceae (c. 1000 specimens, various collectors).

Ancillary Collections

Reference collection of New Zealand pollen and spores (microscope slides).

Staff and Research

Curator: Prof Phil Garnock–Jones

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