Herbarium details: National Forestry Herbarium (NZFRI)


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New Zealand


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49 Sala Street, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, New Zealand



Founded in 1945 as the Forest Experiment Station Herbarium.


Crown Research Institute


The National Forestry Herbarium provides information on the identity, taxonomy and ecology of woody plants in New Zealand, especially those significant to forestry. It also has a regional role specialising in the indigenous and adventive flora of the Bay of Plenty and central North Island, New Zealand.

Scope of Collections

The focus is on vascular plants of native and exotic forests, and there are extensive collections of conifers, eucalypts and other plantation species, including specimens of forest trees from Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and Mexico. There is a significant component from other vegetation types as well, particularly from the central North Island, and an increasing number of ornamental trees and shrubs.

Number of Collections


Estimated breakdown of the known number of specimens:

Angiosperms 19263
Gymnosperms 3078
Pteridophytes 2057
Bryophytes 485
Lichens and Algae 222
Total 25105


All accessions are recorded on the National Forest Herbarium Database, a MS SQL database with a MS Access interface.

Important collections

Mexican pines collected by H. V. Hinds & E. Larsen; Australian eucalypts collected by M. D. Wilcox; C. E. Ecroyd

Ancillary Collections

A wood sample collection of approximately 8,500 specimens, which includes duplicates from Peru and Mexico (L. Williams), Brazil (Krukoff), Ecuador (M. Acosta–Solis), and U.S.A. (H. H. Smith). Contact: Lloyd Donaldson

Staff and Research

Herbarium Curator:  Matt H. Buys matt.buys@scionresearch.com 

Assistant Curator:  Elizabeth Miller elizabeth.miller@scionresearch.com